You can help us make Tus Representantes Locales better!

Tus Representantes Locales is a volunteer-sourced database, and that means we constantly need help in making it better.

There is a lot of useful information on candidates out there, so if you find any please do add it to our site.


At the moment we're trying to get as many email addresses on candidates as we can.

This will allow us to email them directly to ask them to add their own details.

How to help

First off you'll need to log in in order to start making edits.

We've added clear banners on the candidate and constituently pages indicating where we're missing email addresses, so you can start adding email addresses by looking up your constituency on the home page

Once you've found a candidate without an email address, you can go searching for it!

Please make sure you read our guidance on sourcing fields, and specifically the part about what sort of email addresses we accept.

In short, we only want email addresses could be considered public and related to the candidate's campaign. email addresses will stop working once Parliament is disbanded, so try to find a different email address for them if you can. If not, we can always email everyone with a address asking them for a better one.

Once your constituency has all the email addresses entered, you can look at our list of all candidates without emails listed!